It’s inspiring to see a young man Going hard after God! Stay faithful, stay encouraged and keep pressing onward. The lord will see you through to the finish line!

Ryan Robertson

Powerful Man of God! Anointed for such a season, God is going to do Extravaganza through him. He has a concern for the human soul, and a heart of David. The grace of Jesus is upon him.

Ndungu HighCalling Geofrey

Powerful Man Of God!! That wherever this man Of God shows up Heaven is with him!! I have experienced healing in my body as the prophetic word was released!! The manifestation of money and healing ,within 24 hours!!! God uses this Man Of God In Miracles signs and wonders!! This is a season of open doors !! Time for the Fresh wind of God to blow on the people of God!!! Nations are waiting for you!! Prophet To usher in the Glory of God!!! !! He needs to come to your city!!! Or Country!!!!

Delisa Reed

I have been to a few prayer events and each time the power of God moved in a huge way. We were all ministered to through the word of prophesy. God is so good.

Ruth Gachuhi

Since i found this powerful anointed man of God on Facebook a short time i have been blessed and heal from a back pain that was bothering me for sometime now if you want healing , breakthrough and deliverance this awesome man is truly a real prophet of God remain blessed SHALOM!!

Jennifer White

Apostle Wise Preach is a dedicated anointed true servant of God.His heart is fully filled with Ministry.Ive been really transformed by the videos and Audios he records on Facebook and whats-app.They have made me know more about repentance,reading the word,walk in righteousness and CHRIST IS ALL WE NEED.May God bless your ministry richly and continue using you mightily.

Joy Montana

Truly the Apple of God’s eye! He will not color code or sugar coat the gospel. But tell it like it is ; telling the truth & shaming the devil. Giving it as raw and understanding a baby could understand It’s about Jesus !
For Hell may be a place that some may not be worried until it’s a bit too late . But with as much heads up and straight out ; with no hidden agenda . Apostle has all the truth needed not to go there and to accept Christ as their Lord and savior. Anybody that may miss out may be someone that never met him or knew about he message he preach . God is definitely using Him for his glory .Thank God he has saved his best for last. And thank you Apostle for obeying God ; and allowing Him to speak through him. Bless this mog and his ! And may God hive him his heart desires as he delight himself in Him. Glory to God only ! Stay encouraged .. Hallelujah. God bless ..Amen

Evangelist Gwetalyn Yvonne Autry

His is truly a man of God,I love his live preaching,The Holy Spirit always moves mightily..Myself I get encouraged because the power that is released helps me and many others to have courage to preach the Gospel without freaking out. Just watching him preach “live“ the spirit of fear is dealt with,and God through Apostle WisePreach is doing Awesome and Great things in My Life,,,Hallelujah,My God,My God………

Grace Waithira Chege